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1 May 19, 2008 00:39    

My b2evolution Version: 0.9.x


I recently moved my site to a new server. I'm trying to post my own movie reviews, no code, no special anything, just text and I get the following error message...

Parser error: not well-formed (invalid token) near Now, the well-known documentarian Errol Morris (“Mr. Death”, “The Th

I am looked through as much as I can find and most of teh replies for this type of error seem to involve inserting code or < or > which I don't think I am doing.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

2 May 19, 2008 01:02

I'm guessing you are writing your review in some other program and then pasting it into your blog. This can introduce special characters and your blog might not like these.

Probably there's some character that your new server uses slightly differently to the old one. My suggestion: go through the text in that area of the post and change all the special characters to regular ones, so all the smart quotes to " or ', and any accented characters to unaccented, and definitely take out any < or >, and so on, until you find the culprit. If that's all it is, you've solved your problem easily. If that doesn't work, it's something more serious.

If that works, and let's hope it does, you can avoid this sort of problem in future by writing your reviews directly into the blog, not pasting from outside.

3 May 20, 2008 00:58

Thank you.

That seems to have worked.

Thanks for your help,

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