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1 May 19, 2008 10:03    

Hello, new here!

I'm using b2evolution for my weblog since march of this year. I have 14 posts on my blog. 8 posts on the first page, 6 on the second.
I show my posts according to the date they were added. The oldest one on the bottom of the page, the newest on top.
All postst are in correct order on the first page.
On the second page things get srewed up. All posts are shown in incorrect order.
Some posts of the first page are repeated. Some posts of the second page are not shown at all. If you return to the first page, this one is all scewed up. You'll find some posts which should be on the second etc.

Does anyone have any idea why this happens? And how I can solve it.

You can find my weblog at . It is written in dutch.
I'll give you 2 examples of what goes wrong. My very first post is called "Het begin" (meaning "The beginning"). It schould be on the bottom of the second page. If you go there, you will not find it. If you return to the first page. You'll find the post somewhere in the middle of the page.

There is also one post (called "Vajda Supersonic 202 XL") with pictures where I am holding my new kajak next to me. You will find this post on the first page. If you go to second, you will find this post again, all the way at the bottom of the second page.

I hope that someone can help me to figure it out.
Many thanks,

2 May 19, 2008 11:03

Hi Ben,

Welcome to the forums.

The second page seens ordered by catID or something. Very weird.
I suggest you upgrade to the latest version (2.4.2) and I think that will solve your problems in a miraculous way. If not, please report back to this forum and I will check your settings.

Here: are some general instructions on how to upgrade.

Good luck

3 May 19, 2008 17:00

Another thing to keep in mind: when symptoms are very VERY confusing it often indicates a corrupted file on your server. Could be 0 bytes, but it could be simply broken in some way.

Upgrading is a good idea, but do make sure you rule out having the same corruption happen. For example what do you use to unzip the package, and is it really a good unzipper? Is your FTP program one that you know and trust, or is it something that maybe isn't the greatest ever written?

When you upgrade, and by the way the same "fix a broken file" method can be used on the same version, make absolutely certain you (a) backup all your files and database first then (b) delete ALL the files from your server then (c) upload when you feel confident you have reduced the chances of bonking up a file somehow by accident.

For example once someone reviewed their own steps and revealed that they told their FTP program "do this in binary and that in something else". Well that was the cause of the damage even though mostly it seemed to work. Uploading with the default FTP program settings saved the day.

4 May 19, 2008 19:39

Hey, I get that too on which is 2.4.2.

I'd noticed it but not really done anything about it. I think the posts are showing up in order of number of views.

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