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1 May 19, 2008 05:04    

My b2evolution Version: 2.4.2

After doing a search here on the forum I found a solution that partially fixes my question. I know that !m will break the post and add the "Read More" link, however in the actual post it adds section of text that says "Follow Up:" and then continues the post. I'd like to get rid of the follow up portion and just have it continue into the post with no break in the text. Is this possible?

2 May 19, 2008 05:45

In your skins folder find and look for..

$Item->more_link( array(
				'before'    => $params['before_more_link'],
				'after'     => $params['after_more_link'],
				'link_text' => $params['more_link_text'],
			) );

change that to

$Item->more_link( array(
				'before'    => $params['before_more_link'],
				'after'     => $params['after_more_link'],
				'link_text' => $params['more_link_text'],
            'anchor_text' => '',

It might give a "blank" anchor text

3 May 19, 2008 06:02

That worked perfect and was exactly what I was looking for. Now the text just flows through like I never added the !M however on the title page my articles are cropped.

Thank you very much for the great info.

4 May 20, 2008 17:52

can u pls tell me where I can find the "read more" hack?

5 May 20, 2008 18:37

When you make a post, one of your toolbar buttons has !M on it ( or summat ). Press that at the point you want to break the post.

Then the changes that John posted go in skins/


6 May 20, 2008 19:10

but in his way the writer decides the length of the post.

I want the the post is cut automatically in the first page.

I do not have the file.
maybe my version is old. But I cannot update it as it as installed by my provider.

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