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1 May 22, 2008 20:56    

My b2evolution Version: 1.10.x

Am I correct in assuming I MUST use some form of skin to set up my blog?

I've been out of the website/blog thing for a couple of years, and I remember with older versions of b2 I could have a "basic" blog in which I used "php include" to insert it into my webpage - and then it would automatically conform to whatever my website looked like.

Is it not possible to do this anymore because of the skins?

(I have version 1.10.2)

2 May 23, 2008 13:03

This doesn't sound like any functionality I'm aware of these days. Anyway, you're better off with 2.x, 1.x is now getting a bit old.

Either way, there's no reason not to use the same css for both your main website and the blog. That way they can 'look and feel' very similar.

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