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1 May 22, 2008 21:56    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

I just installed b2 and created 50 additional blogs for 50 different cities.

I kept the first two sample blogs, but renamed them as "Articles" and "Updates" since I will be posting articles and updates in those. I also kept the linkblog, but did not rename it.

Each of the 50 city blogs are aggregating the Articles and Updates blogs so that each city shows the articles and updates, but I will be showing city specific posts in the city, but here's the problem...

While I can post to the "Articles" blog and post to the "Updates" blog if I try to post from any of the new blogs I made, the blog posts do not show up. It says the "Post has been created." but it does not appear at all.

Anyone ever see this or, better yet, know how to fix it?

Thanks in advance!


2 May 22, 2008 22:19

You must keep the original blog ID in aggregate field and add there Articles ID and Updates ID.

Let's say you want to include Articles and Updates to blog #10 so you open Blog settings->Advanced and type 1,2,10 in Blogs to aggregate field.

3 May 22, 2008 22:22

Thank you!

That was it exactly.

I really appreciate that!

Thank you! Thank you!



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