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1 May 23, 2008 09:32    

I’m using b2evolution ver 2.4.2 released on 4/28/08

Selecting the post list option out the post / comments tab, opens the original post along with the replies.

Users that reply have their personal e-mail and IP address shown.

How can I turn this information off or invisible to all other users?

2 May 23, 2008 13:25

Do you mean other logged-in users? Or just general casual visitors?

4 May 23, 2008 17:30

You're very kind :)

So you want to hide this information from logged-in users who are in the admin area? Do you actually need all your registered users to have access to the admin area? It seems that you're using registration just for comments. In 'user management' it is possible to set up new users so they can't get into the admin area at all by making them members of a group that has no such access.

Unless you need them to do be admins for some reason, I'd suggest you use that. You can also go back and edit existing users to give them the same (limited) privileges.

5 May 23, 2008 18:20

There is currently no option to disable that information from view. IF someone can see the posts and the comments THEN they can see the official bits about each commenter. Changing this would require hacking some files. It shouldn't be too hard, but (sorry) I do not know what files to do what hacking in off the top of my head.

6 May 24, 2008 23:01

Thanks guys. I'll have to consider both.

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