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1 Jul 02, 2008 08:40    

Hi everybody!

Didn't know where to place this, so I choose this category!

In the upgrade-dokumentation, there's a wrong path-information! The text says as follows (In step no. 4):
"The one file you must absolutely restore from your backup (see step 1) though is /blogs/_basic_config.php. You will need to either restore or recreate that file in order to proceed with upgrade."

The path to to the file "_basic_config.php" should be:

Otherwise, I'm very happy with your great blog-CMS! Good work, guys!

Respectfully, Harly.

2 Jul 04, 2008 09:19

Thanks Harly! You deserve a cookie. :cookie:

Is this in the wiki manual, or somewhere else? Can you show a link to where you see this flaw? Cuz if it is the wiki manual I do believe anyone can register and make an improvement.

PS: the missing bit was for quality control. I didn't want to give you a crumby cookie :lol:

3 Jul 07, 2008 16:24

It was in the html help from installer. I've updated it.

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