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1 Sep 22, 2008 22:08    

Is there anywhere you can get updated docs for the latest version? I noticed that some of the online docs are for versions as old as 0.9.

2 Sep 26, 2008 21:17

Hi chughes. Welcome to the forums!

Yeah so here's the deal to the best of my knowledge: for some reason old obsolete archaic info is maintained in the docs because ... er ... um ... yeah: there ain't no reason. To my way of thinking all the "this is for 0.*" info should be deleted, but it ain't my wiki.

As to getting updated info, these forums are the best source you'll find. Search for stuff, and if/when that doesn't help then just ask. Some of us pretty well know our way around. The rest of us, like me for example, have a keyboard and way too much time ;)

3 Sep 26, 2008 22:01


Thanks for the info. I thought that was the case, but was hoping there might be some updated docs somewhere. I've been doing some poking around and have figured out some of the questions I had. thanks again for the advise.

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