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1 Aug 28, 2008 06:13    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

Wish list item for me is a way to create a mini-forum or something so that instead of leaving comments per post that all comments actually end up as a forum post. I've got Gallery2 installed and the plugin to use the pictures within b2evo posts working - now if I could just find a way to make it so that people could leave a comment on a blog posting to a forum I wouldn't have to manage comments in both b2evo as well as gallery.

As a matter of fact... something that would allow the comment system in BOTH gallery2 and b2evo to use a forum system would be ideal, but I know when not to ask for too much. :p

3 Aug 28, 2008 17:19

Yeah I was looking that over, but that looked more like turning the entire blog into a forum-type presentation as opposed to just the comments themselves. But, thanks, I'll see if he knows of some way to do what I'm looking to achieve.

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