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1 Sep 10, 2008 19:03    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

Last thing first: Not that i need it but the reason i came up with the idea is that it looks cool, and sounded very doable to me (not for me, to me : P )

Most of you have already heard of [url=]Google suggest[/url] right.. despite it is not officially launched yet there are already plugins for FF implementing the feature to your regular google page..

i thought such a feature would be great as a plugin or ideally implemented to the [url=][Widget] Advanced Search by sam2kb[/url]

There are different options i believe with [url=]jquery[/url] or [url=]ajax[/url] etc.. to build it..

Ideally the keywords to be retrieved from the DB should be generic i believe... That database table containing the auto complete keywords should consists of category (subcat) names, tags basically , so that it wont grow large and will give the user the idea while typing.. (of course it d be better if the included areas were extended)..

i d like to hear if you agree with me, i d be glad to help where ever i may

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