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1 Sep 12, 2008 19:22    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

hey there, just asking for a plugin to put images on to the main banner depending on what blog you are on which uses the same theme, as in my website:

http:// www . d i k games . co . uk

we have a PSP, XBOX360 and PC Section as we are game developers, and we want to keep the site clean and simple. just want an image next to the title to change depending on which blog your on, if not, a change of the background colour or image.

Is it possible,

2 Sep 12, 2008 19:37

Hi spike_132000. You can do that with custom style sheets. On your Blog settings -> pick a blog -> features subtab check the box for "allow custom CSS". Then on your media tab upload to each blog's folder a style.css file that calls for a different background image ... and the new image for that blog. So like for the evopress skin I use the following style sheet for blogs that get a different image:

#Header {
background: #73A0C5 url(header.jpg) no-repeat bottom center;

I then upload a different version of "header.jpg" to the same folder. Done!

Oh and welcome to the forums :)

3 Sep 12, 2008 19:39

Hi spike_132000,

Welcome to the forums.
You can make different skins, esch skin teh same but with a different background. Simply call the mskin_1 through skin_x. The only thing to remember is that each skin goes into another subfolder in the /skins/ directory.

Now you are able to pick another skin for each of your blogs and the blogs iwll look different the way you want.

Good luck

4 Sep 17, 2008 04:00

i like edb's method a lot. i always hated how i couldn't remotely change my skins. with edb's solution, i just realized as long as i am not changing core files or skin files (only images and css) i can do it from anywhere i please--WITHOUT having to ftp in i mean.

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