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1 Jan 30, 2009 20:37    

I hope this is the right forum for this post. I've mentioned this in various other posts but we should have a central place where people get to request widget features and vote on them.

Here's what I've noticed regarding the widgets (which by the way - totally rock).

Widgets Need:
-a WYSIWYG Editor for the HTML Widget
-a way to share widgets between blogs
-a way to set an expiration date on a widget (ie to be used for ads/news)
-a way to copy widgets between blogs (EdB has done a plugin but interface a bit hard)
-a widget specific permission per blog so admin can grant edit/create permissions

These are some of the features I've thought of. I hope others join in and add their own. Or vote on importance by replying to comment.

My other hope is that someone will take care of these requests :-)

2 Jan 31, 2009 07:31

I'll be doing the first one for another project.
The others are somewhat complicated. There's a core change required and the dev team has decided against it back when 2.x came out. I have a positive attitude towards your last request. I'm not the one in charge however.

Thanks for the feedback.

3 Jan 31, 2009 10:14

A lot of the others are covered by Yabba.
I use them more or less already on my blog.
I don't know if they are suitable for deployment.

5 Jan 31, 2009 19:19

Hi Yabba, I'm glad you saw this post :-) Do let us know if you have implemented some of these features.

Afwas, let us know when you have the HTML editor - that will be terrific. I tell people about b2evo whenever they ask what we used at our site. One of the things they haven't liked is the lack of the HTML editor. TinyMCE has solved this for post but the HTML Widget needs it too.

Kudos for working on these guys.

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