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1 Feb 18, 2009 13:40    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

I need to help tactic setup user.
When user sign up to my website and can
- create blog by new user
- can see only create in backoffice
- look like member in blogger dot com

All need: How to setting? and please tell me shall narrow where?
Thank for discussion and help.

3 Feb 18, 2009 17:10

i'm trying near blogger .com so fix and setup when ready i open web for everybody to create good blog.

4 Feb 18, 2009 19:12

Hi, sam2kb i need some help. about plugin.

After install plugin it ok but i need to open menu "URLs" for new user "you can fix it for me?" because i use Subdomain of basedomain and need fix URL of every new users ex:

ex: w ww. test/index.php?m=20071231

> test is new user and
/test/index.php?m=20071231 << i need to fix it every new user sign up you can help me? or open tabs URLs for setup >> /test/index.php?m=20071231

I can not use URL : when it has "/" that error.
Await your help. Thank

5 Feb 18, 2009 19:22

I need to flix URLs for SEO before user create new blog I can? Please, tell me about code or tactic setting.

6 Feb 18, 2009 19:31

managerblue please do not make fake URLs. They simply do not help anyone. Notice how it turns into a link and therefore shortens it and therefore no one can see what you are trying to show?

Leave the "http://www." part off. That will work better. Like this:

7 Feb 18, 2009 19:37

http://I_feel_your_pain. :roll:


8 Feb 19, 2009 00:52

Oh, sorry with link now i edit new link maybe i new user here. For my problem i can not use url
ex: but can use

I need to fix url in plugin userblog How? and need to fix Tab URLs in everyuser menu. Thank for help. http: //I_feel_your_pain. <<< sorry

Leave the "http://ww w." <<< sorry

9 Feb 19, 2009 01:07

Now I got it :)

You want to disable 'clean URLs' and use params instead, right?
In plugin settings uncheck the "Use extra path URLs" and all new blogs should use parameters in links.

10 Feb 19, 2009 01:09

You want to disable 'clean URLs' and use params instead, right? <<< Yes

"Use extra path URLs" <<< a moment i'm testing

11 Feb 19, 2009 01:19

I have problem?
When i create user"ex: name: test" when create blog >> ex: >>> i need to fix all new user to >>> (subdomain) i can?

12 Feb 19, 2009 03:05

Now, i finish userblog plugin and can create new user and new blog.
When user signup get
(i setting all data to media/members folder)

but i need to use
(I fix cpanel can use subdomain ready)

Question and Problem
- if use userblog plugin can not to set URLs to subdomain?
(I need auto change url to subdomain when create new blog How?)
ex: A signup with system get (
ex: B signup with system get (

Please, help me to setup system. Thank you

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