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[2.x] Request Video Plugin to easily add MP4 and other video

Started by on Feb 27, 2009 – Contents updated: Feb 27, 2009

Feb 27, 2009 14:56    

My b2evolution Version: 2.x

I would like to add video podcasts to my posts from time to time, and I see that I can accomplish the "podcast" part using the Link to URL field with a podcast type, but if I also want that video file viewable within a post, the only way I can seem to accomplish it is by linking to the video file in the media folder. Embedding doesn't seem to work.

I sure hope someone can help! I love b2evolution, and this is just about the only feature I seem to be struggling with!

Feb 27, 2009 20:43

What is your embed code? can you post an example?

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