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1 Mar 17, 2009 23:56    

My b2evolution Version: 2.x

Have installed both. Conflict is documented, and I have followed the instructions in the G2 plug-in documentation

1 - With TinyMCE *disabled* I can see the g2image button, the G2 folder opens correctly, the item descriptions display correctly, BUT thumbnails are not visualized, not in the overview and not in the JS light-box.

2 - With TinyMCE *enabled* I *cannot* see the G2 image button, I *can* see the TinyMCE toolbar block.
However, as soon as I paste per the instructions the following line in the MCE init box, the entire TinyMCE toolbar block disappears:

>> theme_advanced_buttons3_add : "iespell,advhr,separator,print,separator,g2image" <<

Gallery version = 2.3 core 1.3.0
API = Core 7.54, Module 3.9, Theme 2.6, Embed 1.5
PHP version = 5.2.5 cgi-fcgi
Webserver = Apache
Database = mysqlt 5.0.67.d7-ourdelta-log, lock.system=flock
URL rewrite: ENABLED

b2evo version = 2.4.6 released on 01/12/09
MySQL version = 5.0.67.d7-ourdelta-log+
PHP version = 5.2.5


Anybody?? Thanks beforehand

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