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1 Apr 26, 2009 23:12    

Not sure how it would happen, but it'd be cool if a plugin author could add a line of text inside settings for the plugin or the user or the widget. Kinda like how

'foo' => array(
	'layout' => 'separator',

makes what seems like a HR between settings, only for text.

Maybe something like

'def' => array(
	'layout' => 'infotext',
	'value' => $this->T_('Here lies brother Dave, who chased a bear into a cave.'),

where the value of infotext gets popped into a P tag? That way you could sorta talk to people in general without being limited by the "notes" that can be associated with each specific field.

Hey maybe layout could default to the HR thingie and simply grow to allow a value of infotext?

Or maybe I just write too much?

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