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1 Aug 20, 2009 21:37    

I've noticed a disturbing lack of attention to the upkeep of the documentation for b2evolution. Considering how awesome b2evolution has become, it seems prudent to make documentation that is just as kick ass as the software itself.

What do you think?

2 Aug 21, 2009 00:41 is a wiki, so anyone and everyone can create an account and contribute. The thing to me though is that no one knows what to contribute until a release happens and someone figures something out AND figures out where it fits in the mix. So I picked choice three in the poll. To my way of thinking, those who tinker in the code should be 100 percent committed to making sure and contains supportive content. Since those pages are driven by the actual code it'd be, again to my way of thinking, somewhat intuitive to make good auto-docs when making good code.

Having said that, I've no idea how to make my plugins be good at auto-generating pages like that. Somewhere there is a bunch of instructions for it but it really doesn't matter given that my code isn't going into the core.

Still, if those bits were rich with quality content it'd be way easier for early adopters and deep players to roam around under the hood, which in turn enables "the average joe" to better support the wiki-manual.

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