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1 Aug 21, 2009 15:19    

I noticed in the demo that there were only 5 blogs and they all ran across the top. If I were to use b2evolution I would have over 100 blogs. How does b2evolution manage this? And I was also wondering about how secure this blog system is as well.

Thanks a lot!

2 Aug 24, 2009 04:14

Hi Spikke. Welcome to the forums.

Whether or not you show a list of blogs is up to you. IF you have it out there you can put it up top like default skins seem to do, or move it to the sidebar if that's your thing. Seems to me with 100+ you'd probably want to do something a bit more fancy than just list them all, but that's for another day.

Security is I dunno. All I can say is in 5 years with this software I've seen ONE release driven by a security bug. So overall I'm saying it seems pretty danged good. OTOH I wouldn't trust it with stuff like credit card numbers simply because it wasn't made to handle money stuff. In terms of hacking and so forth it seems rock solid. Most issues that folks report here are due to either another application opening a hole to the server OR doing 777 to directories due to the host not using suphp.

Hope it helps :)

3 Aug 25, 2009 15:21

Thanks a lot for the reply. It really helped out in making the final decision. Much appreciated.

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