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1 Oct 16, 2009 06:53    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.1

I'm using b2evo as CMS for a very simple site with static contents. There will be only pages and no posts (Is this the right way to do it?). By default posts are shown and since there aren't any posts, the message 'Sorry, there is nothing to display...' is shown.

Is it possible to select one of the pages as default page? Is there a setting somewhere that i've overlooked?

3 Oct 21, 2009 14:57

As far as I know the default display item is posts and there isn't a way to change that to pages. I think you have a number of options here:

1) Create a single blog and make that the default blog within b2evo. Write with a single post that will be your home page (as this is the one that will be displayed when people go to /index.php on your site. The rest of your site can be normal pages. Your navigation will then be a link to the blog (home link) and the pages list widget.

2) For every 'page' you want in your site, create a blog with only one post. Your navigation will then be just the list of public blogs in b2evo.

Hope that makes sense.


4 Oct 22, 2009 01:04

lturner, thanks for the work-around solution.

5 Oct 23, 2009 19:38

hum... cerate a redirect post with slug '/' won't work?

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