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1 Feb 17, 2010 15:58    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

For reasons which will no doubt turn out to be foolish, I am trying to create a page which has no content area but is sinply three widgetable columns. I can create the page okay but I cannot make the third sidebar appear in the backoffice and so cannot add anything to it. Has anyone any thoughts on this please?

2 Feb 17, 2010 16:03

You need to give your sidebar container a unique name and you need to reload your skin before it's seen ( admin > global settings > skins > reload )


3 Feb 17, 2010 16:14

Ye gods, that was quick!
Tried both those things. Just called the third sidebar in the style of the others ie sidebar3 and reloaded. Even working on a skin before uploading it still won't show up and on one occasion after installing it showed "no containers were detected"
Aha - fixed it. Stupidly I'd neglected to rename the div Id in sidebar_3 file. Thanks for making me look again.

4 Feb 24, 2010 19:47

I had the same issue with my new skin, and managed to find this post.

Wow, that is so cool.

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