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1 Feb 26, 2010 00:06    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3

I just installed APC (or at least I thought I did), on the grid server that my host offers. How did I do it? Found instructions for successful installations here:
I got no errors and things seemed just fine following the instructions to the letter but there is still no faster response time from the server. Also when I look in b2evo’s Tools – System it says “none” for PHP APC extension.

I would be happy to hear that anybody before me ran into this and solved it or if someone could give a suggestion on where to look for the problem/solution. As additional information I can tell you that he file “” seems to have been created during the installation and it resides in /home/XXXXX/data/lib/php (if you have a look at the instructions this is where it should be.

Cannot tell you how grateful I would be for a solution to this problem as the response from the server is not that good and I think APC would resolve that delay. If you want to you can observe the delay on one of the blogs here:

2 Mar 02, 2010 16:35

Well, I found the problem, one of those you think couldn't happen to yourself. In Mediatemple there is a setting for all domains you have if you want them to run on PHP 4 or 5 and the "Alternate" domain I was testing was running on 4. Changed that and now you can tell that APC is installed when you look in b2evo, Tools -- System.

So there you go. The install instructions on the URL above worked for grid server.

3 Mar 02, 2010 18:16

Thanks for reporting back :D


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