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1 Mar 11, 2010 18:33    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3

I'm setting up a new blog for an author I know. I'm using the glossyblue skin, modified to fit our purposes. I thought everything was finally set up and ready so I started migrating her posts from her blogspot blog and when I did, something maddeningly interesting happened. As you can see in the screenshot below, the post content starts immediately after the title, which is unwanted.

I had created a sample post earlier using Lorem Ipsum text and did not have this problem. I have so far migrated two posts from her current blog (copy/paste and set date and time to match) and both have suffered from this separation anxiety. Can anyone help?

2 Mar 11, 2010 19:16

a link to your blog would be better

4 Mar 12, 2010 17:01

No one has any input?

5 Mar 12, 2010 17:54



6 Mar 12, 2010 18:04

or style.css line 255

.bPost_ptyp1 .post-title {
width:430px;/*400 to 430*/

but i gotta say that hierarchy is not the best i have seen

it seems the titles were meant to be 430 already

/*line 216*/.post-title {

but it gets overwritten by the first one above

7 Mar 12, 2010 18:13

I don't believe that's anything I've changed. Has anyone else had this problem with glossyblue?

8 Mar 12, 2010 18:19

Well, I changed it in style.css by adding the clear:both and changing the width to 430 and it worked! Thank you a million times, guys! I really appreciate it.

9 Mar 12, 2010 19:05

np. but you didnt have to do both... FYI doing just one would suffice

10 Mar 12, 2010 22:52

Is there a outstanding benefit to either?

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