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1 Mar 11, 2010 23:21    

My b2evolution Version: 2.x

The spam problem has gotten so bad on one of my blogs that in desperation I turned comments off. How come I'm still gettting spam comments? What now?

I've already done all the techniques in the whoo thread, first post.

2 Mar 12, 2010 01:20

If you disabled comments (in all blogs) you should never receive them. What you get is probably messages from contact form.

You can disable them in user profile.

3 Mar 12, 2010 01:21

BTW you can allow comments to logged in users only. Just install the "Basic antispam" plugin (shipped with b2ev) and configure it.

4 Mar 18, 2010 20:52

I have switched the comments off on all my blogs and am still getting ad comments, e.g.

03/17/10  @ 09:42  · Url: HTTP:// Ban · IP: · No Spam Karma
Hanging and wiving go by destiny.

Most of them seem to be from How do I block that IP?

I have just configured the antispam plugin for 0 URLs, to see if that helps.

I'm going to have a look through the code to see if I can see why this is happening. I suspect the logic is 'if you don't display a comment field then you can't get comments', rather than checking the validity of posting comments when the comment is sent. I'm assuming the perps are using a command line type method, i.e.


I am posting this because I think there is a problem here, Spammers/Internet Marketers are always coming up with new ways to make our lives hell.
I'll post back if I find anything useful.

Even with 0 URLs on the antispam plugin I still got this:

03/18/10  @ 17:18  · Url: Ban · IP: · Spam Karma: 0%
In response to: Suwannee Boat Ramp needs a name
Trackback from Comcast Cable Deals [Visitor]
No matter her past when a chambermaid marries a lord she becomes a lady.

Had a quick look at the code, it's pretty good but still they get through !

5 Mar 19, 2010 10:42

There trackbacks not comments, you can disable them in your blog settings


6 Mar 19, 2010 17:53

¥åßßå, Again you've made me feel like a dummy :oops:
I missed the clue 'Trackback from', but cannot find where to disable them.
I found the following:

Unless you disable trackbacks in admin i could spam you by hitting http://yourdomain.tld/htsrv/trackbacks.php?myspam

tilqicom wrote:

afaik, best way to prevent comment spamming is either using [url=]Image verification (Captcha Image)[/url] or using the [url=]Turing Test plugin[/url]

and btw you can disable trackbacks, under blog settigns > Features tab

I have Feedback Options set to no comments on all the blogs, but nothing mentions trackbacks. What am I missing? Found it! you have to allow comments before the trackback appears, so why, when I had no comments allowed did it still allow trackbacks?
Researching trackbacks on wikipedia, they appear to be a good thing IF my posts are being referenced somewhere else. I suspect it is a one-way street though. So are they corrupt technology? And does Captcha/turing test apply to trackback and comments. What would ¥åßßå do?

Well the Turing test has disappeared along with EdB.

7 Mar 20, 2010 08:16

I'd kill trackbacks, and I'd probably listen to edb as well ;)


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