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1 Mar 15, 2010 21:30    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered


All of a sudden when new posts are being made it do not show the text in the post. Only the headline. Please take a look at the homepage

I've made a new post with the headline Test and i have entered the text "Test av hemsidan" but it wont show.

What can cause this? Old posts are still as normal.

3 Mar 16, 2010 09:12


Yes that is correct, but the text that I have posted in the "main" window wont show up. I have written "Test av hemsidan", but it does not show anything at all. :?:

4 Mar 16, 2010 09:34

where is the "main" window? i cant find the window or menu "main" do you have a url?

5 Mar 17, 2010 21:18

Hello again,

No I mean in the posts "mainarea" where the content text should be.
It's empty, but I have written some text and all of a sudden it wont show?

6 Mar 17, 2010 23:12

I see a lot of text in your main area:

Av Webmaster
Feb 28
Rapport Genevad 20100228

Fiskbart vid vindskyddet och sista 100 metrarna precis före mynningen
Av Johan Börjesson
Feb 08
Länsstyrelsen i Halland årliga rapport för 2009

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Skicka ett mail och jag returnerar denna till er
Obs ny E-adress, se styrelsesidan
Materialet kommer att placeras i Vindskyddet i Genevad
Av Johan Börjesson
Feb 07
Konstverk i stugan

Hejsan vänner

Bakom kaminen hänger sedan ett par timmar ett konstverk som säkert är till fördel för oss alla, njut och begrunda.
Storstilat besök av såväl vilda grisar som av älg kring denna oas
Undvik att köra in till stugan då snödjupet är ca ½ meter. Parkering kan ske i "triangeln" innan vägavspärrningen. Håll till vänster och kör mot det bebodda huset och lämplig P-plats finns 10 meter bortom krönet. Den vägen är plogad.

7 Mar 17, 2010 23:12

Try to look at your blog with a different web browser maybe?

8 Mar 18, 2010 09:48

It's the same in every browser.

In the two uppermost posts (the test) i have Subject and Author, but the text in between (the content of the post) is empty.

Please pm me and I will give you user cred so that you can see for yourself exactly what I mean.

Very thankfull for the help i'm getting!

9 Mar 18, 2010 14:29

its just "YOU".. everyone else can see the content..

but then again, there "might" be sth wrong when logged in, as you offer us id and pw already, So, log out and try viewing as a visitor. if the visitor view is fine, and the problem is only logged in, pm me with ur credentials and i ll take a look

10 Mar 19, 2010 01:45

Okay i got your pm and tried viewing your website with logged in too, and didnt see anything unordinary there too.Everything is allright with your website, view it from a different computer, and post a screenshot here maybe

11 Apr 05, 2010 11:43

Hello all,

I still have the same problem and it has not got anything to do with the web-browser or the computer I use. The problem is reported from the users, not me.

Now they have got tired of waiting so they write everything in the subject-field.

Please can anyone try to help me? I'm clueless. Have a look at and you will se.

12 Apr 05, 2010 18:14

What browser is your user using? I see your post contents, although you have validation errors that could do with cleaning up.

Also, try switching to one of the core skins and seeing if that cures there problem


13 Apr 07, 2010 21:32

I'm not really sure you know what I mean.

I write a new post with the text you see on the first image

And when the post is made we can not see the text I wrote as in the second image

So the subject is there. Also author. But the content is missing.

I've tried with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Even different computer and usernames. It is still the same. The skin has been used for a long time and everything has been working well until recently. I have not made any changes to the blog (i'm not using it, it's for our local fishingclub) And the users do not have any permissions to do any changes.

Any ideas how this could have happened and how to solve it?[/url]

15 Apr 09, 2010 15:09

Exactly the same issue...

Trying to change the page height in the CSS but nothing happens

using be2evo 2.4.7.

If there is no post in the blog, the skin appears perfectly with the widget....

16 Apr 16, 2010 20:20

I have the same problem. Subject is showing, but content is hidden.

If i edit the post I can see the text, but i'm not able to see the text in my blog.

Tested from 2 different computers with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.

17 Apr 16, 2010 20:38

Can you disable all plugins and see if it fixes the problem?

18 Apr 16, 2010 20:44

I do not have any plugins. I managed to solve the issue by upgrading to version 3.3.3

My site is ok now.

manu075: Try an upgrade.

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