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1 Mar 17, 2010 16:17    


I would like to place 3 separate Free HTML widgets in the sidebar (skin Pluralism). Starting from the second one, if I use a link in the first widget, then the Block title of the second widget has the same link (and I don't want to). The same thing happens in the third widget: if I use a lik in the second one, then the third widget's block title has the same link. If I don't use a block title in the second or third widget, then the links works correctly (link from the previous widget doesn't overwrite the following link).

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3 Stable

Please help!

Thanks in advance!

Márton Dósa

2 Mar 17, 2010 17:43

What are the 3 blocks of html that you want to add?


3 Mar 17, 2010 21:47

I would like to add three imagelink. Meantime I solved the problem, there was some typo in the html code ( </a> was in a wrong place), now it is works OK.


Márton Dósa

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