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1 Mar 18, 2010 00:24    

My b2evolution Version:

Hello all,

B2Evo version: 3.3.3

I am a first time b2evo user. Only installed the app last week. I am thoroughly confused about blog post moderation and how this can be achieved.

This is what I am trying to do:
- I want to set up a blog and allow users in my institution blog.
- When a user makes a POST, I do not want the posts to go live immediately.
- I want a moderator to approve the POST before it can go live.
- I want the moderators to be alerted by email when someone has made a post on a blog which they moderate.
- I don't want comments so I have disabled them. I only want POSTS.
- The moderators will be user other than me(admin) and I don't want them to have admin type privileges.

I have been looking around the forums for 2 days now. The only solution I can find out there is to only give my bloggers "Protected" and "Draft" status and have the moderators approve the posts that have Protected status.

I don't like this solution because new bloggers will not know what "Protected" means and there is no way for me to educate them before hand. Also, there doesn't seem to be a way for the moderators to be notified via email that a post has been made. The emails are sent out only for comments, as far as I understand. (please correct me if i am wrong). And I don't want comments on this blog.

On another post I saw a mention of "easy moderation plugin" but I can't seem to find it? Does this plugin exist for b2evo ver 3.3.3?

Does anyone have any other solutions to my problem?

Thanks in advance for your time.

2 Mar 18, 2010 09:00

hello toskers

First of all, I want you to go to for you to understand user levels.

For the configuration of default registered user levels can be found in GLOBAL SETTINGS > General > Default user permissions > Level for new users

By default as I said its basic user and its on level 1. If you'll change that to 5 or 9 and group new users is Bloggers or Privilege Bloggers a new users that will register can POST a blog without any authorization. YOU DONT want that right??

I hope that can help you. A little experimentation will fix the problem. How? get a free hosting, install b2evo or install a web server

Good luck

3 Mar 18, 2010 17:40

Hmm... that's not what I'm looking for but thank you for taking the time nonetheless.

What I want is for blog posts to be moderated and the moderators(multiple) to get notified every time a blog post is made.

I already have LDAP authentication setup on my blog so that only users from my institution can log in and I've set it up so that all new users are automatically added to the Bloggers category.

4 Mar 19, 2010 02:56

you said "What I want is for blog posts to be moderated and the moderators(multiple) to get notified every time a blog post is made"

moderators user level are admins? by default all admins will be notified that some one post a blog and the are the only one who can click "PUBLISH NOW!" you know what i mean?

may i see your blog?


5 Mar 19, 2010 07:57

You won't get email notifications, unlesss you code a plugin, but you can restrict posting permissions with

admin > blog settings > [blog] > features .. tick "use advanced perms"

admin > blog settings > [blog] > group perms .. untick "published" for your bloggers group


6 Mar 19, 2010 18:40

Thanks yabba and jmcausing...

I have already looked into advanced perms and got them setup.

However, what I'm looking for is a posting level/status that says something like "moderator approval" which indicates to the user that the post is being submitted for approval.

Using "draft" doesn't fit this purpose because users assume that "draft" means work in progress.

All the other levels/statuses submit it publicly or privately. There is no status/level that puts the post in a limbo to await moderator approval.

7 Mar 19, 2010 19:50

Protected will put it into "awaits moderation", but it won't issue any emails


8 Mar 19, 2010 19:52

yeah i think someone needs to edit the posting part of b2evolution sorry dude

9 Mar 19, 2010 20:22

¥åßßå wrote:

Protected will put it into "awaits moderation", but it won't issue any emails

I don't think that's the way Protected works (I could be wrong, please correct me if I am) according to the docs.

The docs say:

Protected (Members only):
Your post will be published and visible, but it will only be visible to members of the blog you posted in.

I tested this out and if someone posts under Protected status, it is _NOT_ visible to people who have _NOT_ logged in but _IS_ visible to normal posters who have logged in.

This is only half the battle that has been won. I want it to be such that no one (except only the poster and the admin/moderator) can see the post. Regular posters (in my case regular poster have the Blogger group) should not see posts that are awaiting moderation whether they are logged in or not.

Once again, thank you Yabba for your time in helping me with this. You're awesome!

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