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Started by on Aug 10, 2004 – Contents updated: Aug 10, 2004

Aug 10, 2004 21:57    


Blog All Title
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how to remove "Blog all title"?
best all

Aug 13, 2004 01:09

Hi, I am pretty new to all this - but have worked out quite a lot on my own and I will try to help if I can.

however it isn't very clear what you are asking. where do you want to remove them from - the admin section or your main blog page?

Perhaps if you posted a link to your weblog it would help us understand your difficulty.


Aug 13, 2004 08:27

And if you told us what you wanted to be removed. Do you want the whole categories block removed, or just the title?

Aug 20, 2004 07:48

I can't vouch for Elena, but I do want to remove the entire categories list from my page. I just started using b2evo tonight, and have never blogged before, so please be gentle with me.



Aug 20, 2004 08:30

Removing the whole magilla is pretty easy. Removing just the title of a blog is not so, but it's all done with a keyboard...and that's not really hard eh?

To get rid of the whole categories thing, assuming you are using a skin, just open up skins/skinname/_main.php and look for a few lines that look like this


<div class="bSideItem">
  <h3><?php echo T_('Categories') ?></h3>
  <?php form_formstart( $Blog->dget( 'blogurl', 'raw' ) ) ?>
  <?php // -------------------------- CATEGORIES INCLUDED HERE -----------------------------
    require( dirname(__FILE__).'/_categories.php' );
    // -------------------------------- END OF CATEGORIES ---------------------------------- ?>
  <br />
  <input type="submit" class="submit" value="<?php echo T_('Get selection') ?>" />

and dispatch them to their digital maker. Or delete if you're more comfortable with that.

Wiping out the name of a blog is kinda tricky because it implies the person is using blog#1 (the only time the cats list will show a blog title), but it's not worth going into since the original person hasn't clarified anything despite a couple of requests.

Aug 20, 2004 13:12

EdB, If you could post that information about removing the title of my blog from the category section, I would really appreciate it. I've been going through all the php files, but I can't seem to delete the right thing. (Don't worry, I always put it back how it was before I did anything :)
Either way, I would really appreciate someone helping me out with this. My website is at if you want to check it out first.
Thanks, in advance, for any and all help.

Aug 20, 2004 15:50

In skins/_categories.php scroll down till you find


echo $cat_blog_start;
?><a href="<?php blog_list_iteminfo('blogurl', 'raw') ?>"><?php blog_list_iteminfo('name', 'htmlbody') ?></a>
echo $cat_blog_end;

and delete it.

I'm pretty sure that'll do what you need, but I haven't done it or tested it. catblogstart and catblogend are the header tags for the blog title, and the other stuff is making a link to a blog out of the blog's title.

It'll do away with all blog titles in the categories list when displayed on blog #1, and based on a note up towards the top of the file it might even do funny things if you're using multiblogs

Aug 20, 2004 17:25

Thanks, Ed; that of course did the trick.

Just want to point out, though, that different skins apparently use different CSS elements do display the same features, so newbies like me should interpret sage advice like yours broadly.

For example, you suggested I look for a section of main.php called <div class="bSideItem"> , but in the skin I am using it is actually coded as <div id="menu">. Nevertheless, there was a section clearly labeled "categories included here" and it was simple enough to find and delete that.

Thanks again.


Aug 20, 2004 18:09

My bad! I try to preface code snippets with what skin it came from, and I really should include that which you identified as a disclaimer of sorts. Something like "this came from XXXX skin so your skin will probably have different class names but it should be pretty much the same".

Glad you got where you wanted to be.

Aug 21, 2004 02:49

thank you very much, sir. it's funny how it's such a little thing to tweak, but it makes me feel better about the way the blog looks. so, again, thanks ed.

Oct 07, 2005 14:09

I notice a bunch of people have visited my blog from this page. Welcome! I just wanted to point out that, since I posted my question about removing the categories section from my sidebar way back in August 2004, I have put it back in and I now have lots and lots of categories. I thought it would make browsing easier for passersby. I don't have any scientific evidence that that is true. But I still like my categories.


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