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1 Apr 09, 2010 00:29    

My b2evolution Version:

So i have received a few messages about my pc sending spam. I haven't been logged into or even visited the forums in a couple of years. In fact, this is the first time I have even been here on this pc, since I purchased it 2 years ago. So I am a little confused.

2 Apr 09, 2010 00:53

The mesasges are sent by spamming arses that we try and kill as soon as possible, not always soon enough :(

The only alternative (with current forum software version) is to disable pm's for all members, which I'm more than happy to do if people say "I want you to disable pm's for all"


3 Apr 10, 2010 23:55

¥åßßå wrote:

"I want you to disable pm's for all"


4 Apr 13, 2010 19:26

Create a new poll in "chat away" for this and I'll go with the majority vote ;)

Note :
Pros of killing pm ability : cures these pm spamming arses
cons of killing pm ability : stops members sending ftp/admin/whatever logins via pm to get assistance


5 Apr 14, 2010 08:04

What are you talking about? I haven't received a single spam PM for almost 3 years on this forum ;)

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