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1 Apr 10, 2010 09:01    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3


I've installed b2e 3.3.3 and am trying to sort out permissions and default post type. Basically I want the blogger to only be able to add *published* posts (and edit/delete them), and not edit blog settings etc.

I've enabled advanced user perms and in there ticked only the "published" checkbox for post types (in both group and user perms). But the user is still able to add "draft", "protected" etc (and draft is still the default), and they can also edit blog features etc even though those are not ticked in the group/user perms.

After checking out some old forum posts, I had a look in conf/_admin.php for the default status but it doesn't appear to be there any more.

Anyone know what might be going wrong here?

2 Apr 10, 2010 21:45

You don't need to touch config files. Make sure you are granting permissions to the right group/user.
Note that blog owner always has full access to the blog.

3 Apr 11, 2010 02:29

Okay, thanks I think it'll be the blog owner thing.

I currently have the blogger as the blog owner so that the contact page would contact them and not me (the admin).

I'll see if there's another way around that.

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