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1 Apr 11, 2010 17:48    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3

I am a newbie and just started a new blog... initially it seemed fast loading but only after a couple of days.. it is EXTREMELY slow loading for me and therefore when I have an RSS feed from it on another page... it sometimes times out

any ideas? has the RSS feed from it on the main page

2 Apr 11, 2010 19:02

Try installing 2.4.7 and seeing if that works faster ;)


3 Apr 11, 2010 21:50

seriously? install an older version to make it faster? yikes...

will I also lose my existing blogs, etc.

4 Apr 11, 2010 23:29

You are talking to a conservative guy ;)

You shouldn't see the difference if your server has internet access (i.e. not a localhost)

5 Apr 11, 2010 23:33

BTW what type of connection to the database do you use? Socket (localhost) is way faster than TCP/IP (yourdbhost.tld)
What did you put in database host field?

Try enabling debug info (/conf/_advanced.php) and check the timers

6 Apr 12, 2010 12:31

It was installed automatically from IPower's InstallCentral portion of the admin page so I didn't have a way to enter a database host field

I see this in the information:
Database: sullivancentr_IC_######

7 Apr 12, 2010 18:09

sam2kb wrote:

You are talking to a conservative guy ;)

Lol, gotta love how being against spyware and spam is classed as conservative ;)

Note : Clocks running to see how fast the current mods cope with the spam on the forums, the post above is the start time ;)


8 Apr 12, 2010 18:54

anyone have any tips for me to speed up response time?

9 Apr 12, 2010 19:32

Add the following to /conf/_basic_config.php

$allow_evo_stats = false;

Ohh, just so you don't get paranoid, there *was* a spam post between yours and mine,since deleted, apparently some of our mods care about spam! How cool is that :D


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