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1 Apr 12, 2010 11:15    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.2

I don't know if this is possible, but haven't found an option for this within my blog. Showing post only in its main category or subcategory (excluding any subcategories).

for example:
I have a category with the name "the world" below that I have a category with the names "history" and "regions".

If I now click on "the world" i see all posts for the catagory "the world", "history" and "regions", but I would like to only see the post that are directly under "world" and not the posts that are posted under the subcategories. (or see

What I would like to know, is this possible and how can this be done?

2 Apr 12, 2010 21:23

I think I have found the solution to my problem, by edititing the _category.funcs.php file.

I simply commented out lines 428 and 429

// Getting required sub-categories:
// and add everything to cat array
// ----------------- START RECURSIVE CAT LIST ----------------
cat_load_cache();	// make sure the caches are loaded
foreach( $req_cat_array as $cat_ID )
{ // run recursively through the cats
   if( ! in_array( $cat_ID, $cat_array ) )
   { // Not already in list
      $cat_array[] = $cat_ID;
      //cat_children( $cache_categories, $restrict_to_blog, $cat_ID, 'cat_req_dummy', 'cat_req',
      // 'cat_req_dummy', 'cat_req_dummy', 1 );
// ----------------- END RECURSIVE CAT LIST ----------------

now I just hope I didn't break any important function, but so far so good. :D

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