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1 Apr 16, 2010 02:23    

Running Version 3.3.1
Ok I have been running a website for like 3 weeks, almost Clueless.
1. When a user logs on to add to a comment there options are text only.As to where I can quote, image,bold, ect.Also there is no option for new post.
2. A easier way for a user to upload a image,I installed quick upload which made it easier for me. Other then that everything else is good.Any help would be appreciate.Do have one last question is there a site that has the plugins by category. Thanks Russ

2 Apr 16, 2010 03:46

Hi sharkrc

for your #1 question, comments can be modified by just adding html tags just like <b> BOLD TEXT</b>
for images just <img src="http://" alt="" title="" />

for NEW POST, if a user is authorized to write a post, he/she suppose to see a WRITE at the very top of the screen the b2evolution TOOLBAR. You know where you can see toolbars like B2evolution, Dashboard, See, Write etc.,,

For your number2 question. Yes there is a website for plugins by category.

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