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1 Apr 15, 2010 15:53    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3

I ran that debugging script for permissions to see why I am getting ".evocache folder read/write error! Check filesystem permissions.", and all it will display is a white page with "Current script owner (irrelevant): root" at the top.

Any ideas?

Its my understanding that this script is supposed to tell me what permissions I need to modify on what folder.

3 Apr 16, 2010 18:55

What version of PHP for the database? My tech support was trying to tell me that PHP 4 works while PHP 5 wouldn't work because PHP 5 was missing some software that had to be added by me. The tech support said ZEND optimizer was not installed on PHP5 and B2E required it.

I don't know if they were right or not because I did not try it.

4 Apr 16, 2010 20:41

Your tech support is taking crap, evo runs on php4+ ... seriously changes hosts


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