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1 Apr 28, 2010 21:15    

My b2evolution Version: 2.x

Apologies if this topic has been answered before. I did search for and find a thread here which talked about it, but it didn't solve my formatting problem.

Running 2.4.1 with the b2eviant skin:

If I copy and paste content into a post, usually (not always) all of the line breaks (and sometimes paragraph) formatting disappear when the post is viewed in the blog. They remain visible in the editor if that post is re-opened for editing.

Likewise, no line breaks are visible if I hand enter text, and use double <Enter> keystrokes. Or even 4 of them (as suggested in another thread).

Likewise if I hand enter text, and highlight a section and use the <p> tag key at the top of the editor to surround the paragraph with <p> </p>tags, there are no line breaks between paragraphs.

I have checked to see that the "Auto P" text renderer is checked in the editor. It is.

I have checked to see whether the Auto P text renderer plugin is installed it is. I set it to "always" as a test. Still, I have the same problem.

So, apologies again, but what am I doing wrong?

Even if there were a way of hand restoring line breaks with tags, it will be extremely tedious to do that with long pieces of copied and pasted text. I'm guessing (hoping) that b2evolution doesn't normally require that.


2 May 03, 2010 22:34

Welcome to the forums!

Can you give a link to this post?

3 May 06, 2010 17:40

Thanks sam2kb -- not ready to make it a public site yet with a URL here, but will PM you with it if that's okay. I was hoping to snapshot a page and post it here, but, can't attach images on this forum, looks like.

Anyway, to be more specific after testing more this last week, I can now give the appearance of a line break between two paragraphs online by adding two <br> tags at the end of a line.

I hope there's a more WYSIWYG way of pasting or composing text, because it gets very tedious finding paragraph breaks and adding two tags by hand.

As I said, while in "write" or "edit" mode, the line breaks are visible while editing without tags, and just hitting the <Enter> key. But the finished text online doesn't show them (at least on my browser) unless I manually add the <br> tags.

Browser is V2.0.4 Mozilla Seamonkey, by the way. I use Linux.


Another possible clue, I just noticed. Rendering on the front page of the blog looks single spaced, but rendering on --More-- pages seems double spaced. I'm suspecting the paragraph renderer is not handling or possibly generating <br> tags consistently.

4 May 06, 2010 19:05

i bet you are using the wyiwy... while you are pasting....that is a common problem for wysiwywyygy....'s..

solution: dont use them.. copy the html source and use html input to paste.

5 May 06, 2010 20:01

tilqicom wrote:

i bet you are using the wyiwy... while you are pasting....that is a common problem for wysiwywyygy....'s..

solution: dont use them.. copy the html source and use html input to paste.

Thanks tilqicom. Break problems happen when I simply write in the b2evo editor without copying and pasting, as well as when I copy and paste plain text from a file document (non-html).

I can type 4 Enters while composing, and see the 4 new line breaks in the editor, but when it is posted and rendered, all I see is a single cr.

Here's what I see in the editor:

6 May 06, 2010 21:00

well first of, afai see, you are not using wysiwyg as you type, that is the html mode.

Secondly, hitting enter no matter what times means absolutely nothing in html mode./*dont know why you got one from 1st to 2nd line though*/

1st to 2nd not OK: odd..You shouldnt get any breaks at all because of the reason above but somehow you got one.
2nd to 3rd OK: its okay, you typed 1 br and got 1 line break.
3rd to 4th OK: that is okay too, you typed 2br's got 2 breaks, one for the next line, and one empty one.

All you gotta work out now is why you got the line 2 seperated from line 1 allthough you did not actually do anything to make it so.

7 May 06, 2010 21:12

Thank you tilqicom. I don't see anywhere on the editing page where it says "HTML" mode.

I do see 2 tabs labeled "simple" and "expert".

Does "simple"= text mode and "expert"=html mode?

I just switched from "expert" to "simple" tab, then typed another Enter between lines 1 & 2 (5 Enters total, now) and saved it. No diference.

What is, or where is "HTML mode" -- sorry in advance for stupidity if it is plainly marked somewhere and I'm unable to read something right in front of my face.

9 May 06, 2010 21:35

I don't have that button -- see screenshot below. There is nowhere in the editor that I can find -- in either the "simple" or "expert" tabs that shows a button for "HTML" or "WYSIWYG."

tilquilcom, What version of b2evolution do you have?

I looked through version history after version 2.4.1 and didn't see a mention of a WYSIWYG button in the editor.

Does anyone know anything about this? Do I have a corrupted install, or was this a feature added later?

10 May 08, 2010 09:59

That skin resets all margins in its style sheet, add this to the bottom of style.css

p{margin:0 0 1em 0;}


11 May 08, 2010 16:37

¥åßßå wrote:

That skin resets all margins in its style sheet, add this to the bottom of style.css

p{margin:0 0 1em 0;}


Ah, ¥åßßå, that has helped quite a bit. Thank you. I now can hit enter twice and get an empty line between lines.

It won't add more lines with more Enters, but the need for that is unusual. Not quite WYSIWYG in the editor, but now I can really type naturally, for the most part, when composing.

I still wonder why I don't see the two buttons that tilquilcom shows for HTML and WYSIWYG modes in the editor. Tha would be quite handy. Do you know whether this is due to my version of b2evolution (2.4.1), or the b2eviant skin, or just a problem with my install?

I had considered upgrading to the 3.x version, but I noticed elsewhere that you recommended against that version until problems were worked out (spam?). I could also upgrade to 2.4.7, which seems to be the last 2.4.x version.

Thank you ¥åßßå again for the above fix. That's really made a difference in usability for me.

12 May 08, 2010 17:50

No worries ;)

2.4.7 is cool, but I don't *think* it has tinymce by default either and I'm not sure if the plugin for it is maintained enough.


13 May 12, 2010 15:26

I upgraded to 2.4.7, ¥åßßå, and you're right, the editor looks the same. But you helped in mentioning TinyMCE -- I didn't realize what that was until you brought it up and I read about it.

Maybe Tilqicom was using that in his earlier post, either native in a later version of b2evolution, or maybe he added it as a plugin. Anyway, now I know what it is and can work on adding it.

Thank you again for your help. Even without the added feature of editing in HTML or WYSIWYG, b2evolution is now working very well for what I need.

15 May 12, 2010 17:06

b2 did not have wysiw... until after 3.x ? wow.. never noticed.. see how essential it was ?

16 May 12, 2010 18:06

You still use it though ;)


17 May 12, 2010 18:06

Actually, Tilqicom, what was supplied earlier was a pseudo combination of WYSIWYG and HTML, lacking some features of both, therefore. Since you can't show code, and show result at the same time, without some kind of additional frame. That wouldn't be a bad idea, by the way. Maybe the Mozilla Seamonkey browser might do it with File>Edit Page? But cool if it was part of the software itself.

Anyway in the older editor, you don't see the code, other than a few user added tags in posts, so the HTML editing feature still seems desirable to me. I like what you have. Or what, without it, what I'm guessing you have. Choice, as well as visibility.

On the other hand, purists can hand code every entry, I suppose, qualify users, and ftp images directly to a website. But then why use blog software at all, heh.

18 May 12, 2010 18:09

Guess I'm a purist then ;)

I use the software for convenience, saves having to hand maintain lots of pages.

Some days I think "effort to manually maintain : have server make effort" and realise that I'm taking the lazy arsed option ;)


20 May 12, 2010 18:17

Just in case you missed it, bottom of page 1 of this thread has tinymce options ;)


21 May 12, 2010 18:33

Thanks, ¥åßßå, just working my way through that forum thread now to see what the problems have been before installing it.

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