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1 May 19, 2010 02:54    

My b2evolution Version: 1.91 beta

I have successfully set up the post by email app..
but when I run the connection test, it passes the messages
by the subject title, but rejects them all as wrong user and password.

I would guess that the first line user and password
in this format as given by the manual,
is the user and password for the blog, and not the
user and password for the email account.

I have used the same username and password to log in to the blog
and yet it always gets rejected.

It seems strange, but I cannot get it to accept the one I am using.

Also.. when, and IF I get it working, where do I set the system to
check for emails, say once a day? There does not seem to be anything
in the manual or the settings anywhere that will tell it to go and see
if it has an email posting.

2 May 19, 2010 21:03

1.9.1.beta is veeeeery old. I advise you go through the pain of upgrading to 2.4.7

If you don't want to do that then search for "email" with user "stk" ... pretty sure he cured it in that version ;)


3 Jul 04, 2010 15:41

Hello. Could you please post a link to the post by email plugin / app, thanks

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