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1 May 19, 2010 18:04    

My b2evolution Version:

Hello, I've been trying to create new users, but after I try and get the email to validate then click on it I get the same errors every time saying:

    * You have to use the same session (by means of your session cookie) as when you have requested the action. Please try again...
    * You have to be logged in to request an account validation link.

My admin account works fine so that's not the problem, but new accounts are all but useless.
I've tried clearing cache, cookies, closed all browsers and even rebooted and every time I try to validate an email address for a new user account I get the same errors. If I have to be logged in then just how can I validate a new users account if I can't log in with that username? When I try to log in with it it tells me I have to validate the email link which I can't do because I'm not logged in...See the continuous, never ending circle of errors?
How do I fix this? Is it a permission problem and if so which one?


2 May 19, 2010 19:59

You can manually validate them by checking the box in User profile.

Next time try creating and validating users one by one.

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