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1 May 19, 2010 16:19    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3

I'm experiencing some strange behaviour on a freshly upgraded system running 3.3.3 (prior to that I was using 1.10.3).

b2evo tells me

Cannot post comment, please correct these errors:
Illegal content found (spam?)

The post doesn't contain any links, I am puzzled by what makes it get flagged as spam.

I tried removing the quotes, and replacing 'sexual' with 'zexual' :-)

This is the text of the comment that is being posted:

Trauma: in psychoanalysis (which is a VAST discipline with many approaches and I'm simplifying this by just saying 'in psychoanalysis', but perhaps for our purposes it'll do...) trauma isn't simply an experience that, well, traumatized you in the ordinary sense of the word. Trauma is a rupture, something that stood out from the uniformity of being and shaped you. It need not hurt. If it did hurt (that is, if you've grieved over it sufficiently), it's not really a trauma. Basically, a trauma is something powerful that happens to you and which you cannot react to at the time when it happens. There's this massive amount of energy that hits your system, and you cannot react to it, you cannot place it. It remains in your system causing a trauma. You begin 'spending' that energy without actually reacting to the event that marked you: by developing obsessions, for instance. Think of the Deer Hunter (the movie. seen it?): a guy comes back from Vietnam, where he was held prisoner and forced to play the Russian roulette. What does he do? Continues to play Russian roulette even when he's not forced to. So preferences are a way of 'spending' energy that once entered the system and could not be depleted at once by a reaction powerful enough to match up to the shock. Again, it need not be an experience shocking in the ordinary sense of the word. It needs to be something that cannot, for various reasons, be accommodated by your system at the moment when it hits you. The Russian roulette thing was so powerful that the guy just couldn't react to it properly at the time when it happened, so he had all these residues to deal with after. If you're interested, check out Freud's Emma case study. It's about sexual trauma.

This isn't very different from what you were saying - that trauma affects you so much because you weren't able to deal with it. I suppose I just wanted to point out that trauma need not be like 'oh, that was so terrible that i just couldn't deal with it.' It can also be too terrible for you to even realize how terrible it was, and therefore you're unable to react to it properly, and deal with it.

yes, philosophy is my academic field. i'm a student of philosophy. happily, it's also what i'm interested in.

Is there a way to take a look at some debug info and see at which point the parser finds something wrong with the text?

2 May 19, 2010 17:59

/conf/_advanced.php, set $debug = 1 and it *should* tell you the bit that's tripping it ;)

Probably either sex or roulette


3 May 19, 2010 18:44

Thank you for the suggestion. You were right, it was the roulette.

I got so used to spam about via@#$ and wowPower@#$veling that it never occurred to me that roulette could be a spammy word too.

It is incredible...

4 May 19, 2010 20:47

That's the luck of the wheel :D

If yer after some cheap wow-gold I know a great supplier ... several thousand suppliers apparently :roll:


5 May 19, 2010 21:30

well, i guess rather than gambling, chatroulette must have caused the word to get blacklisted P:

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