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1 May 23, 2010 18:16    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered using 3.3.1

I am looking to block direct access to my blog. I am using my blog in an Iframe. I want people to 'LogIn' to enter my site.

I saw one posting that deals with this, but that was back in 2005. Is anything new since then?

And also, can give the info in such a way,anyone could do it.
I am still pretty new at all of this, and can't do much with what was said in the linked thread above.

3 May 23, 2010 19:47

Hi all,
Ok...I thought I better leave a bit more info for you all.

Visitors to my site can view my blog from within a wrapper (iframe) - I am using B2evolution 3.3.3 not 3.3.1 as stated above, and want the blog to "appear" as integrated as possible.

So, I want people to be able to see the blog from the wrapper, but not to be able to view it by going through B2evolution.
I have a 'LogIn' system that I want people to use, to get full access to the site. So I don't want them accessing through the blog/B2evolution side.

Hope that helps a bit more! Thank You!

Any ideas?

4 May 23, 2010 23:32

Why don't you save yourself a world of pain and just make a blog skin that replicates your "wrapper" ?

All other alternatives have failure points :

  • .htaccess : fails if browser doesn't include referrer data (several firewalls do this )

  • js : fails if you don't have js enabled ... mind you, most of web does cos it's full of "webmasterz" who've progressed from flash rollovers to js for everything

  • "unique" url : fails by viewing source, although webmastrez will use js to kill context menu and sit back with a smug grin

  • [/list:u] ¥

5 May 24, 2010 06:14

If I'm understanding correctly, that almost seems too obvious, how did I miss that? LOL

I think I understand what you're saying. Can you direct me to someplace that will give a bit more information on that? I'm not sure where to start, but I know once I saw something as a guide, I could catch on quick.

Thank you so much for your input YaBBa!!!

6 May 25, 2010 06:59

I got it! On well on my way!
Thanks again!!!

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