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1 May 31, 2010 08:51    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

I'm trying to update my base configuration in a local installation and I get:

Could not load original conf file [/Users/kskhater/Sites/blog/conf/_basic_config.php]. Is it missing?

Although the file is there.

Thanks in advance for all the help.

2 May 31, 2010 19:31

Permissions? Are you on windoze?

3 May 31, 2010 20:09

I'm using Mac with OS 10.6.3

4 May 31, 2010 20:16

Anyway, if you see the file and your server doesn't, it means that the file is unreadable. Double check user and group permissions for this file.

5 May 31, 2010 20:45

It is the other way around I don't see the file and my server does.

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