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1 Jun 30, 2010 17:54    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered


How can I stop people (or robots?) leaving comments without creating a user id?

Using v3.3.2

Thanks in advance.

2 Jun 30, 2010 19:13

You want to disable anonymous comments right ? Well, guess what it has been asked just a few threads before you:

[url=]Only registers put comments[/url]

Other than the fact that it has been asked a zillion times and that you didnt care to search, you could be able to spot it only if you just took a quick gaze at the first page.

3 Aug 02, 2010 19:27

No, I think they are asking about blocking robots without having users to register to leave comments. One way is through .htaccess keeping up with the new ones as they come along.

4 Aug 02, 2010 19:32

"without user id" suggests "limit comments to logged in users only" ;)


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