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1 Aug 11, 2010 16:12    

My b2evolution Version:


My b2evo 3.3.3 website is located at

The url for new posts are something like this:

Notice the "index.php" on the URL? I want it to dissapear :-).
BUT I have fiddled a little on Blog settings, to no avail. I Choose "Relative to base URL" but then all links do not work anymore.

Any solution? I think it is a very common question, but I couldn't search for it, sorry.

3 Aug 13, 2010 18:55

Thanks, man. Worked like a charm.

4 Nov 03, 2010 20:34

If I have multiple blogs, and I do not use stub files, how can I use the fancy urls?

5 Nov 03, 2010 23:02

You don't have to use stub files
Please read the updated instructions

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