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1 Aug 15, 2010 21:46    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

Okay i've finally upgraded to v4 to see what it's about and just met a few things i dont like already and i am pretty sure the list will easily grow..

To get started:

The "on the fly category creation" should definitely NOT be AFTER the category list. It doesnt make sense one bit. Why the hell would i want to scroll down 10 or 100 categories when i need to do sth on the fly ??

Will update as i meet more of these.

2 Aug 18, 2010 00:12

categories are "Content settings" anymore eh ?

Firstly why is it renamed ?
And it's one of the most frequently visited tabs, and you move it to somewhere irrelevant -given the tabs nearby- AND you put it to the end ? Sheesh.

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