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1 Aug 17, 2010 18:34    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

Hello b2evolution user,
i am a new user of b2evolution blog software version 3.3.3.

I have an issue that the post and category links are correctly created by b2evo but when clicking on them do not function.

Ich defined the Permalinks as follows in the Blog settings:

- category links : domain/cat/subcat
- post links : domain/cat/subcat/post-title

please try my website:

Maybe you can assist me in correcting the issue ?

best regards


2 Aug 17, 2010 22:38

have you renamed sample-htaccess file to .htaccess in your root folder ?

3 Aug 18, 2010 15:06

Hi tilquicom,
have I have renamed to .htaccess

b2 behaves as follows:

when I choose the option BlogSettings/URL/Blog-Basis-URL:
- Standardblog for index.php -
- Relative to Basis-URL:

then all works fine, but when I choose the
option BlogSettings/URL/Blog-Basis-URL:
- Absolute URL:

Then the correctly created links are lost within b2

Why is that ?

Greetings, Peter

4 Aug 18, 2010 15:11

have I have renamed to .htaccess

And from what I can see... the post links and category links appear to be working fine now. ;)

6 Aug 18, 2010 15:45

Sorry. You edited your post after I had already replied.

Tilquicom obviously has a plan, so I'll butt-out and let it run its course.

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