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1 Sep 08, 2010 17:05    

My b2evolution Version:

Version: 3.3.3

I've got several plugins that just seem to randomly turn off. The most frequent ones are the Bottrap X and reCAPTCHA, but I've had other 3rd party ones just randomly be off when I log in. I'm the only user of this installation, and I know I'm not turning them off. Any suggestions?

2 Sep 08, 2010 17:40

Have you got multiple installations?

I run a couple of different installs, across half a dozen different domains on one database. If the plugins aren't present in all installations, and if they've been modified they can get disabled, probably when one install tries hitting it and it isn't there it gets disabled.

3 Sep 08, 2010 18:48

I didn't think about that. I do have two seperate installations using the same database. I'll double-check and make sure I have them on both and see if that helps. Thanks!

4 Nov 09, 2010 18:47

Ok, bump and update. I removed one installation so only one domain is accessing the database. And reCAPTCHA is still randomly turning off. I did write to the guy who made that plugin, but have not heard back. Suggestions?

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