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1 Sep 09, 2010 19:16    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3


Having this issue,

"Either you have not enabled cookies or this login window has expired. "

I created a sub domain and installed a fresh copy of b2evo and I am receiving this issue.

this does not happen when I am installing it directly on the main domain, so this issue has something to do with the subdomain.

Any ideas, please point me in the correct direction.


a part of my problem is that i get redirected to

instead of

Not sure if this is why I am having issues with the cookie. ?


I think my problem is with how my page redirects, it keep on redirecting without the www. prefex, I suspect the problem might be with the .htaccess file.

I checked for the .htaccess files, and they didn't exist. I checked my hosting settings and there are no redirects on that domain.

Any ideas?


Ok, the url thing was due to how I installed it and was corrected in the conf/_basic_config.php file.

my bad :lol:

The cookie problem still persist so I still can't log in as admin. ?


It appears that I have to validate the email before I can log in. ?? How did I miss that??

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