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1 Sep 16, 2010 22:13    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3

After reading/searching a variety of topics here I cannot determine yet if Registered Users can create and edit their own content when given the User Permission to do so.

I created a new level and gave that level write and edit, etc permissions for their own posts via the Group Permissions and User Permissions options of Admin. Still, there is no link anywhere that allows them to create their own post. I as thinking there should be a menu bar as there is for the admin when in admin mode.

Am I truly missing a tick some where or something else to look for?

Comments work fine and as expected.


2 Sep 21, 2010 11:14

The registered user needs to login to the site before posting anything. Either you need to supply a link to the admin area, or you need to use the 'user tools' widget which provides one on your skin. From there, the member simply needs to use the b2evo toolbar or browse the backend as normal.

Since you've already created the group and permissions, then all you need to do is add this link.

3 Sep 21, 2010 20:31

Hi, I'm relatively new (Long story) to actually getting deeper into B2Evo Installations.

I'm also dealing with somewhat related issues (Userblogs & Bloglist by the Amaze me team), but I also have been looking at which users can post, besides their own blogs, in other public blogs.

The way I see it done and I'm going in that direction:
In the Group's configuration in the 'blogging permissions' , I've checked "Depending in each blog's permission", then I can go to an specific Blog 'Blog settings', where I have the options to grant users' or groups' permissions to that specific Blog -- The options here for users or groups are (Some) 'Member', 'Not member', 'Contributor', 'publisher', etc.
As to what permission any 'Category' (Member, not member, etc) has, can be defined by going into the 'Layout' (Also in this screen) And choosing "Advanced" (Layout options are: Simple and Advanced)

I think here is where one can fine-tune the categories's permissions that I'd assign to a user or group.

Good luck and hope you let us know how it turns out

4 Sep 21, 2010 20:36


Sorry, left out about 'a link'

I think that once the user has permission to post in 'A' specific Blog, the 'write' link will be visible and active.

Please keep in mind, I'm new at this and I'm still learning, I hope fast.

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