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1 Sep 29, 2010 22:55    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3 stable

Hi fellow evolutioniets,

I'm building a nice new Website that will cover the west to east walk
by Dutch Van Vorst in aid of Children in Need and have installed b2
into the Main Frame of the site but, when active, none of the JavaScripted
Menus (on the left) work over b2..

Does anyone know why and, before I remove b2 and go with other s/w
such as WordPress etc, how I can fix it to work ??

<center>Nick. . .</center> (offline work in progress)
....Blog is under the 'We Tour' menu choice[/url]

2 Sep 30, 2010 15:23

Hi Nick

Welcome to the forums. I am afraid that I don't really have an answer to your problem. I can't think of anything that b2evo is doing to cause your problem. It might work better if you can create a skin for b2evo that matches the rest of your site and therefore you wouldn't have to load b2evo in a frame.

Frames and javascript menus cause all sorts of problems when browsing the web anyway ;)


3 Oct 01, 2010 06:18

Hi L,

The entire site is framed which, when configured correctly, work fine and I've been using them fro years.
As most browsers are getting better at interpreting, I'm slowing going to CSS

I'll play some more and see if I can fix it. If not, I'll have it in a PoPuP or use something else..

Thanks for the comeback,

Nick. . . :)

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