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1 Oct 23, 2010 08:28    

It was working fine before, now it doesn't for some reason. Any changes or updates were made to render the plugin null?

2 Oct 23, 2010 16:53

Anybody? I mean I get this when I make my post as usual:
Response: Your record for this blog has been updated.
Pinging Ping-O-Matic...
Response: [] [Pings being forwarded to 12 services!]
Posted to account: @drewcity
Post has been created.

But when I check my tweets, it's not there at all.

3 Oct 23, 2010 17:16

forget it, it seems like there's not enough support here. I'm just gonna convert to wordpress. thanks anyway.

4 Oct 23, 2010 19:03

Do you really expect someone to answer you between 1:28 and 9:53 AM, and 20 minutes after that ?

Anyway, what version of b2evo are you using?

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