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1 Oct 25, 2010 14:14    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.1


Website URL
When logged in as admin (my only uder), I cannot save or publish a post. The error message is:

You do not have permission to access this document.
Web Server at "

Any ideas,

2 Oct 26, 2010 14:27

Do you have file permissions to access the file(s) on the webserver? Check permissions and run chmod if needed.

3 Oct 28, 2010 11:30

I think so
I went to general settings/ default user permissions.
This has still not worked!

4 Oct 28, 2010 22:33

I still cannot post, and get the same erro message as before.
My user level is 10 (the highest), yet I canno tpost or edit posts :)
If anyone can help, that would be great.

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