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1 Oct 27, 2010 20:53    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3.

I get a lot of refereral URLs that have no link to my sites. Random places like movie download sites, mp3 sites, hair care products, sites about nannies, sites in foreign languages, etc. I follow the link back to them and can't find a link to my site anywhere. Curious if this is sign that someone has hacked into my site or is somehow using my site to hide their own identity/ip? Could this be from legitimate users?


2 Oct 28, 2010 00:17

They're just faked referrers. I'd get used to them -- unless you want to bog your system down by verifying every referrer that comes along.

3 Oct 28, 2010 22:02

so, are they bad? Do they represent people looking at my site? or are they some sort of hacker or spam?
Thanks for the reply.

4 Oct 29, 2010 18:10

That's spam. There's a link to blacklist those referrers.

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